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It’s important to make a distinction between the term “Whale” and “high roller” since in the eyes of the casino they are two very different things. While there is no exact definition of what constitutes each category, a general assumption would be that a high roller has a gambling budget of anywhere from $100,000 up to around $1M for a typical 3 day weekend trip to the casino. When we start to get over the $1M bankroll mark, this is when the casino would probably start considering the player a Whale. Whales typically have a budget (front money or a credit line) ranging anywhere from $1M to $20M and in a weekend could easily be up or down millions. They are usually betting over $25,000 per hand and enjoy the absolute cream of the crop when it comes to comps, freebies and other perks from the casino.

Currently, The Whale takes no reservations, as our guests are encouraged to stop in and be welcomed too a table. All guests must be present at the time of your dining experience in order for your party to be seated.

If you are in need of a reservation for champagne or spirits service, please email our Events Manager Sam Nham at for more details.